My Response to Christianity Today

We can all agree that Trump may not be of the highest moral character. But, his election, for me, was not an exercise in displaying my view of his standing with God (as I understood it) but my vote was cast to prevent someone much worse being elected.

And getting someone much worse is what Christianity Today is irresponsibly arguing for. If we are to see any election as a vocal demonstration of our stand with God then we should just stay home and not vote as there is no one that would reach that standard that we should set whether a local election or a nation wide election. No one. So that leaves those who care not a whit for the LORD and his ways casting their votes and we are then complicit in helping to elect, by our inaction, one not unlike Manasseh.

If not Trump last time, would you rather Hillary were in office? That is what you are arguing for as any vote that was not a realistic effort to keep her out of office is an exercise as I have described above. You would have gotten someone so much worse than Trump and you know it. Imagine where we would be now three years into her time.

I will vote for him again, not as a demonstration of my Christianity or an endorsement of whatever morality he may have but as an effort to keep someone so much worse out.

So, who does CT endorse? Who do you endorse, if not Trump? If you name someone who has absolutely no chance whatsoever of gaining the office then you are only voting to make yourself feel good and just need to stay home and stay out of the entire process.

And my challenge for all those who object to Trump as he is not the Christian they want – name for me one VIABLE alternative to Trump. Name me the VIABLE candidate you will be voting for in 2020 against Trump.

If you cannot then you are merely Virtue Signalling and need to drop the issue.