The Theological Cockpit

A Cockpit is a place of struggle, a place noted for continued conflict. Belgium, for instance, has been known as the Cockpit of Europe, due mainly to the frequency that the armies of Europe met on its fields to decide the fate of Europe.

This site is a place to bring up issues, mainly theological, and struggle over them. It is a place, not for agreement, but for disagreement in the pursuit of clarity.

4 thoughts on “The Theological Cockpit

  1. Shawn, Do you check in occasionally? A voice from the past. Bradford Heil, at SEBTS in 1994, finished MDiv, transferred in after meeting with PP. Worked in library. Also cleaned library. USAF.. More than I was going to say about self. My question will be concerning old books–my old friends–at the end. Email me if you see this and if you will at Thank you. Semper Fi. No turning back.

  2. Hi, Shawn. Thanks for yours! Emailing you. I sort of blew onto the campus and off again fairly quickly. It was a good year. A busy year. I don’t recall any photos with library staff.

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